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Descubra Estocolmo en un autobús de dos pisos de techo descubierto y explore la ciudad a su aire, con la oportunidad de subir y bajar a autobús en las paradas convenientemente ubicadas. La ciudad es el hogar de grandes edificios públicos, palacios y tiene una rica historia cultural. Los autobuses paran en lugares cuidadosamente escogidos, incluyendo el Ayuntamiento, el Museo Wasa y Skansen. ¡Disfrute de Estocolmo con nosotros!
Stockholm Must Sees - Two of the cities most popular and visited sights, combined! Joining Stockholm Must Sees allows you to skip the line at the Vasa Museum - an added bonus!
During our walk of the Old Town you will find out how and why the Nobel Prize came about, where the Royal Family actually lives, what we used to do with our garbage, how narrow the narrowest alley in Stockholm is, how many live in the Old Town and what the cost of living there is.
From the Old Town we jump on a ferry to the island of Djurgården. Discover Stockholm from the water and learn why it's called the Venice of the North.
During our visit to the Vasa Museum you are not going to believe your eyes. This is a true WOW experience! Learn how a ship that spent 333 years on the sea can be so well preserved, how many people died as the ship sank, who was punished for this failure and how it was salvaged. Learn all this and get your questions answered during our tour of the museum. Once we finish - stay a while, checkout the exhibitions and watch the movie about the Vasa.
Points of interest during Stockholm Must Sees: Old Town, Stortorget, The Royal Palace, The Cathedral, The boy looking at the moon, the narrowest street in Stockholm, Djurgården, the Vasa Museum.
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